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Lighting Rentals

We are one of the leading sources for event stage lighting rentals including Concert lighting, Wedding Lights, Special Effect lighting, LED Lights, Follow spots, Intelligent Lighting, Nightclub Lighting, Festival Lighting and more. Our highly advanced lighting technicians can help plan your next events lighting design and help you every step of the way. You can pickup the lighting equipment at our warehouse or we can deliver them to your event. Call us for a free consultation.

Dimming and Controller Rentals
  • Lighting Rental Jands Hog 500

    Jands Hog 500

  • Lighting Rental ETC Lighting Console

    ETC Lighting Console

  • Lighting Rental ION Lighting Console

    ION Lighting Console

  • Lighting Rental ETC Sensor Dimming

    ETC Sensor Dimming

  • Lighting Rental Catalyst Server

    Catalyst Server

  • msp


    • LED Lighting Rentals
      • LED Lighting Rental Martin Mac 101

        Martin Mac 101 LED

      • LED Lighting Rentals - Color Force

        Color Force

      • LED Lighting Rental Par 660

        Par 660 LED

      • Event Lighting Rental Pixelline 1044

        Pixelline 1044

      • Event Lighting Rental - ColorsBlock DB4

        ColorBlock DB4

      • Event Lighting Rental - Coemar Parlite

        Coemar Parlite LED

      • Event Lighting Rental - Color Blast 12

        Color Blast 12

      • Event Lighting Rental - Truss Warmer

        LED Truss Warmer

      • Event Lighting Rental - Stage Bar

        Stage Bar 54

      • Event Lighting Rental - Stage Bar 54

        Stage Bar 54

      • msp


      • msp


      Intelligent Lighting Rentals
      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Big Lite 4.5

        Big Lite 4.5

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Clay Paky Sharpy

        Clay Paky Sharpy

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Wizard Extreme

        Wizard Extreme

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Martin Mac 101 LED

        Martin Mac 101 LED

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Mac 2000 Profile 2

        Mac 2000 Profile 2

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Mac 700 Profile

        Mac 700 Profile

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Mac 550

        Mac 550

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Atomic 3000 DMX

        Atomic 3000 DMX

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Mac 600

        Mac 600

      • Intelligent Lighting Rental - Mac 3 Profile

        Mac 3 Profile

      • LED Lighting Rentals


      • LED Lighting Rentals


      Follow Spots Lighting Rentals
      • Follow Spots Lighting Rentals

        Altman Comet

      • LED Lighting Rentals


      • LED Lighting Rentals


      • LED Lighting Rentals


      • LED Lighting Rentals


      • LED Lighting Rentals


      Conventional Lighting Rentals
      • Rent Event Lighting - Four Par EA

        Four Par EA

      • Rent Event Lighting - Four Parnel

        Four Parnel

      • Rent Event Lighting - Four Ellipsoidals

        Four Ellipsoidals

      • Rent Event Lighting - 2000 Watt Molequartz

        2000 Watt Molequartz

      • Rent Event Lighting - Scoop


      • LED Lighting Rentals


South Florida award winning event rentals and production source. Master Sound is a household name when it comes to South Florida event production and rentals. Our business is based on recommendations and business is thriving, due to our friendly service, talented sound engineers and our recession proof event equipment rental prices. Master Sound Production has been in business since 1996, we have many years of experience in the sound, lighting staging, video, FOH and backline rentals and production industry. Providing unsurpassed services from small events to Fortune 500 companies. Our newest addition is the D.A.S Audio Sound. We are now authorized dealers of D.A.S. for sale or rent and ship nationwide Get a Price Quote Today

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